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about the site

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This site is a personal collection of whatever I feel like sharing; be it rants, interesting stuff I’ve found on the net, my personal anime reviews, etc. I also have 2 more domains, and I’ve used as my personal blog & content since 2006, however it will be going through a different direction (a secret project, I’ll post about the launching date on here). So in other words,‘s contents has migrated to Yay! Hopefully I will update this more often, compared to my previous site. Anyway, below is a collection of layouts and their respective credits, current & previous, that is being used or has been used.

current version

Layout: Version 1 » Tsuki no Hime
Tsuki no Hime — princess of the moon in Japanese, is a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon inspired layout, featuring my favorite character, Usagi. I pretty much recycled my previous layout from, enhanced with better designs. There are a total of 13 fanart pictures used in the header, so everytime you refresh a page you’ll see a random deviant.

Duration:  April 17, 2011 – current

Credits: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi. Brushes: Janita. Fonts: Chihuahua, Cutie Pop, Kinkie, and MeganHand

DeviantArt Credits: “THANK U” by kaminary-san. “serenity” by surlaluna. “+Serenity+” by Red-Priest-Usada. “Angel” by Miarashi-hime. “Neo Sailor Serenity” by kaminary-san. “Princess Serenity” by madmoiselleclau. “Princess Serenity” by Seguchi-sama. “Sailor Moon-Princess Serenity” by Ichigokitten. “Princess Serenity holy beauty” by MasakoHime. “Princess Serenity” by seyo-tsukino. “Serena” by kaminary-san. “Neo Sailor Serenity 2” by kaminary-san. “Princess Serenity” by luciole.

past versions Version 5 » Tsuki Hime
Layout: Version 5 » Tsuki Hime
Hosted on:
Duration: February 20, 2008 – April 17, 2011
Credits: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Images: DeviantArt search.
DeviantArt Credits: “Princess Serenity” by Dragon-Goddess. “Hope” by Mi-Lee. “Princess of the Moon” by BlackFeatherz29. “Moonlight Confession” by Fleur-Noire. “Serenity’s Romance” by Kalisama. “Serenity Hime” by Kururu-Pon. “Serenity and Roses” by Kalisama. “Lace, Leaves and Love” by Lynda-Chan. “Around the Magic” by Angelius-Lady. “Kikoeru” by Miksie. Version 4 » Irreplaceable Friendship
Layout: Version 4 » Irreplaceable Friendship
Hosted on:
Duration: October 8,2006 – January 2007
Credits: Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, NotePad. Images: Maria. Brushes: Chita. Version 3 » A tranquil scene
Layout: Version 3 » A tranquil scene
Hosted on:
Duration: July 14, 2006 – October 8, 2006
Credits: Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, NotePad. Images: Bruce Dinh. Layout design inspired by: Midnite Anime Version 2 » Everlasting Love
Layout: Version 2 » Everlasting Love
Hosted on:
Duration: April 14, 2006 – July 14, 2006
Background: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Sakura and Syaoran.
Credits: Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, NotePad, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Images: Anime Visions. Brushes: Chita Version 1 » Jay Chou
Layout: Version 1 » Jay Chou
Hosted on:
Duration: April 7, 2006 – April 14, 2006
Credits: Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady, NotePad, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Images: Jay Chou Studio. Photoshop tutorials: California-Cutie